RAD 140 Testolone

rad 140

RAD140 RADARINE shows superior lean tissue selectivity, and reduced androgenic side effects when compared to competing SARM compounds:

  • Enhanced speed, and stamina.

  • Highe ndurance intensity workouts.

  • Faster buildup of muscular tissues.

  • “Reinforced effect than testosterone.

So How Does SARM RAD140 Work?

 RAD140 is designed to make the hormonal receptors in the tissues of the body act the same way as if they’re getting a good dose of testosterone, setting off the same effects as if you’re cycling with prohormones and anabolic steroids minus unwanted side effects.

 SARM RAD140 RADARINE was also seen to help reduce the androgenic side effects that can be potentially caused by the same on the prostate.

This makes its usage way safer and more effective compared to traditional prohormones and anabolic steroids available commercially.


RAD140 can be dosed at 20-30 milligrams (mg) per day, and thanks to a relatively long half life, you can get away with only once a day dosing schedule. Regarding the possible cycle durations, RAD140’s length of use can vary from 6 to 12 weeks. Since it usually comes in liquid form, this SARM is squirted into the mouth, swallowed, and chased down with juice. There is no need to let it sit in the mouth or under tongue; in fact, sublingual use is highly discouraged.

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 1 ml

Servings Per container: 30


2-Chloro-4-({1-[5-(4-cyanophenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-yl]- 2-hydroxypropyl}amino)-3-methylbenzonitrile:           10mg

Directions For Use:
As a dietary supplement, take 1 ml daily.
Do not exceed recommended amount or take longer than 12 continuous weeks.


1. Fat loss: The best shredder stack would be stacking with cardarine and S4 (Andarine). This is a well known potent contest preparation.

2. Alone: Suit for hose who have low testosterone because of health issues, or prior abuse of anabolic steroids. RAD140 is like using testosterone, but without the risk of estrogenic side effects because it does not aromatize into estrogen.

3. During PCT (post cycle therapy) or bridge: Since cardarine is not hormonal, it is in no way suppressive. Hence, you should not be scared of using it to keep fat off and improve your workouts between cycles during your bridge and PCT.